Why Are Punjabi Weddings So Grand?

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In Indian culture, families are valued in every context. In India, families are highly structured and every member has their role to play in the family. The same thing applies to Indian weddings and different marriage rituals. In India, marriages are considered as long term (till death) commitment and no contract. There are several religions and every religion have their own set of rules that is something to learn. But in Indian weddings, one thing that always excites me is Punjabi weddings. They are so grand, even its low level also. Have you ever wondered why Punjabi weddings are so grand?  

Well, from Punjabi by nature to Chintu to gaddi, from Nandas to Munjals, and Bharti’s to Oberios the list of Punjabis is long. The business making of money and build empires seem to be a natural call for Punjabis. The things that differentiate Punjabis from other traditional rich people like, Marwari or Gujratis who cultivate an attitude of conscious self-possession.

But Punjabis are simple and fun-loving people who believe in expressing themselves openly. And similar to their nature, Punjabi weddings also reflect the philosophy of their life. Punjabi weddings are the most glamorous events where everyone flaunts in their style.

They are not limited to rituals, but they are colorful, more vibrant and full of ceremonies to bring new people and family closer to each other. Punjabi weddings are fun-filled with lots of opportunities for the hosts and guests to sing and dance their hearts out. Punjabis ensure unlimited fun and celebration and make it a lengthy and enjoyable affair. Punjabi wedding is grand as they are not afraid to spend money and their weddings display their propensity towards new age traditions. From shinny lehengas to noisy baarati and full-on bhangra till the top of your heart gives goosebumps. The warm welcome of guests and extremely friendly nature makes the Punjabi wedding a true roller-coaster. With so many traditions, rituals and celebration events, Punjabi weddings are must-visit.

From all the aunties flaunting with shining outfits and heavy jewelry and uncles dancing with wine in hands are the sights that make Punjabi weddings grand. Also, one can’t miss the guys and girls roaming here and there and having fun. So, everyone has their idea of having fun and there are all the mediums available for a person in Punjabi wedding to have fun.

Punjabi weddings are synonymous with being grand for the world, where plenty of colors and plenty of guests meet to have fun.

The best part of Punjabi Weddings is the variety of food displayed at the buffet. On multiple buffet tables one can get hot, cold, sweet and savoury Punjabi cuisines.

Punjabi people generally have lots of appetite for fun and they are quite expressive with their emotions of happiness and sadness. And the same expressions are also reflected in their weddings.

For Punjabis, weddings are not less than a festival which is incomplete without music and dance.

Their expressive and fun-loving attitude and the number of rituals look very loud. How much simple or sumptuous their weddings are, they leave no stone unturned to have fun and celebration. Punjabis are a bit more pompous in spending money. Everyone should know that Punjabis are people with big hearts who would never shy away from challenges.

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