What to expect if you are having a destination wedding?

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When the intent to spell love takes over and the travel bug bites you, a destination wedding is often a result. Destination weddings are undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience; but like everything else in the world, all great experiences have pros and cons. Your big day can be a little stressful if you don’t know what to expect of a destination wedding. The decision itself is very bad-ass because you have had the audacity to wish to take your loved ones to a faraway, not-so-familiar land. Below is a list of experiences and observations to know what must you expect if you opt for a destination wedding.

• The Attire & Location.
Destination weddings can be trivial or grand, but the core idea is being the center of attention at a colossal event at some distant, dreamy land. You’ll need to go the lengths to plan what the culture, venue, and climate conditions can be and work your way accordingly. Wearing long gowns at a beach may look beautiful on Instagram, but handling them while you move can really be infuriating. It is better to have a checklist to keep an eye on the things that may go out of your hand on your big day.

• Guests won’t show up!
Destination weddings have this low note; most of your relatives and friends would not be able to travel unless you are paying for their travel, stay, etc. Most of them just don’t like to travel and for those who do, their profession doesn’t permit them to take a tiny vacay. Do not expect all of your guests, or even most of them to show up at your wedding. But don’t worry, this can be a good thing for you. Less of going around the hall greeting the guests, more of you and your partner enjoying without worrying about the guests and provisions!

• The Legal Formalities.
You are bound to follow the legal formalities of the land you’re getting married in. Make sure to hire a lawyer beforehand to take care of the legalities. You must check and abide by the rules. For instance, Mexico’s wedding law necessitates a blood test for RPR and HIV, not before 10 days of getting married within the state of Mexico. If you know the legal formalities beforehand, it will help you plan accordingly. Such factors play a vital role in planning your destination wedding. You don’t want your wedding to be underway and cops showing up, do you?

• Hire local Vendors.
You cannot take your tried-and-trusted makeup/hair stylists or any other professional with you (only if you can afford it). Usually, when you are opting for destination weddings, you are already prepared to flow with the traditional look and décor. Hiring local vendors can be a daunting task but will definitely be easier than tagging along with a professional from your homeland; it could be certainly expensive, too! You may not get to meet the vendors in person before the final day, which can make the situation a bit uncertain and uncomfortable; on the brighter side, they know their culture better than others. They will help you create the vibe you have envisioned. Besides, you can always connect with them through the internet and interview them as per your preferences.

• Expect Surprise Spends.
No matter how meticulously have you planned your wedding day, there are surely going to be surprise costs that will startle you. While planning financially, make sure you’ve considered currency rates and calculated the differences. Moreover, furniture rentals, setup costs, shipping, custom fee, to name a few, are some of the expenses you must have a check on. There could be many things that will bludgeon you into to go over the budget, it is recommended to have a reserve amount with you at all times. Be mentally prepared, and do not panic. If you have planned all the other things well, a little more outlay won’t damage much.

Hope the above factors have helped you finally plan your fairytale wedding with a minimum, if not zilch apprehension. If you are still on a lookout for a perfect bride or a groom, download our Sangat Matrimonial App available on Play Store and iOS right away!

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