The best bride entry songs

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Your wedding is your shot at happy ever after. As a bride, you’ve probably nurtured the dream of having a picture-perfect wedding ceremony with prince charming that has a grand entry with a perfect background song. Your nuptial deserves to be celebrated with grandeur, so that you may recall it in later years with great fondness. Attaining perfection at your nuptial ceremony can be a tricky business. Amidst all this stress, apportioning time to select the perfect bridal entry song isn’t a child’s play. As you step into the theatre of new beginnings, you need to do so with style. Below we present to you the best bridal songs to make a grand entrance at your wedding, the traditional style.

1) Melodious songs:
If you’re into melodious songs, then we have created the perfect list for you.

• Din Shagna Da by Jasleen Royal
A perfect song for the brides who want graceful yet simple entry. The slow melody of the song, magical voice, and Punjabi lyrics create a surreal atmosphere ensuring the wedding day be the best of all.

• Jag Ghumeya by Neha Bhasin:
The artist is known for her soulful voice, and so is the song. If you’re romantic at heart, there’s no better way to express your love than this song. It might make your groom blush with happiness, seeing you enter on a song to tell how much you’re smitten by him.

2) Songs That Highlight the Affection You Feel for Your Spouse.

• Tum Jo Aaye, Zindagi Mein, Baat Ban Gayi!
The name says it all! Number one on this list is Tum jo Aaye by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Tulsi Kumar. What an utterly perfect song to demonstrate the loyalty, dedication, and affection you have for your partner. The lyrics of this song have a spellbinding ability to enamor anyone who hears it.

• Heer by Harashdeep Kaur:
A song that takes everybody back in the days when love used to be pure – the days of Heer Ranjha & Mirza Sahiba. A modern & graceful song but keeping up with the old-school charm. A stark contrast between the folk tales and modern-day love, but at the same moment, telling a love story that might resemble yours.

3. The Perfect Songs For Daring Brides
In case you are a bold bride and wish to dance to your heart out, we’ve got here an ideal playlist full of dance numbers.

• London Thumakda by Sonu Kakkar & Neha Kakkar:
The language is rustic, beats so high that’ll make you sway through the walking ramp, and when you reach the dance floor, it’d be the time for the perfect blend of “Lathay di chadar.”

• Tune Maari Entriyan:
What a song for a fire-cracking and whistle-worthy entry! The lyrics are pretty apt for bad-ass, modern-day brides who want to make the fullest of every moment on their wedding day.

4) The Perfect Song for Romantic Bride Getting A Love Marriage
• Arziyan by The Wedding Planners:
Devangi Chopra’s melodious vocal takes you on a cruise of your fond moments spent with your loved one. The burning romance & addictive nature of love is what this song best represents.

• Dekha Hazaron Dafa Aapko:
There’s something influential about the music of this song that you won’t let you stop humming it. This song will let you know that forever isn’t long enough when you’re spending it with the love of your life.

• Kabira encore by Arijit Singh:
Arijit Singh’s voice finds its way to everyone’s heart, and when it is your wedding way, the emotions are already floating on cloud nine. The song gives you a bit of bittersweet pain coupled with a lot of charm.

With that, we bring our list of top bridal songs to a wrap. We hope that our comprehensive list will aid in creating a memorable wedding experience for you. In case you’re a hardcore Bollywood fan, you’d want to consider these mellifluous tones to spice up your bridal entry.
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