Secrets to a happy married life.

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There might exist secrets to a beautiful wedding, but there are none for a happy marriage. Marriage is not about knowing how to traverse through the ups and downs of life; it is the approach you have towards it. It is not like diving into the abyss; it is instead a beautiful journey of emotional attainment and growth. Here are some pointers that will guide you through this journey.

The value of happiness
Happiness comes from within, and it is you who are capable of generating happiness in your life. This leads to the first secret of a happy marriage – a happy couple leads a happy marriage. If you can spread happiness and positivity, it is bound to reflect on your spouse as well. Your joy will develop a sense of confidence and trust in the marriage. You will enjoy each other’s company more and are content with the qualities of your spouse.

Yet, we do understand that there might be limitations to the above secret of generating happiness from within. It is difficult always to face every obstacle with a smile. A relationship has its good and bad moments which are influenced by external events. Therefore, it is recommended to have a realistic approach to life and relationship. Do not expect yourself to be happy all the time or have very high expectations from your partner. They are bound to be moody or emotional, and you might not always understand their motives or reactions. But that is acceptable because they are human as well and like you, they have their way of coping up with things. Just remember to be realistic and not hold unreal expectations, and you will be fine.

Know what is real.
Media’s portrayal of love and marriages today might fool you too expect that a happy marriage is one where the partners do not fight and are agree on every decision. However, that is not always the case and seems too exaggerated to be real. Instead, pay attention to the small and daily gestures of your spouse. Love is not always represented through grand actions but in small efforts as well. These gestures, trivial as they might be, show how in-tune you and your spouse are to one another needs, preferences and likings. It is a way to show that you care and cherish their companionship.

Make time for each other.
Our hectic lives make it a challenging task to make time for each other. Taking time to notice and cherish their small gestures might become even tricky in such a scenario. Do not forget to take some time off your work and spend some time with your spouse. Remember, this is a time you solely spend with your spouse, and it should not involve other family members or children. This quality time is valuable because it bolsters your marriage and the emotional bond you share with your spouse. Talk to them about your plans in life, ask for their inputs and their plans. Inquire if there is something that is bothering the other and if you are aware of an obstacle then talk and sort the matter out so that you can overcome the hurdle collectively.

Be who you are. Sacrificing beyond the limit is frivolous.
This brings us to the last secret to a happy marriage, which is not losing yourself in the relationship. An ideal marriage is one where you and your spouse grow into better versions of yourself. However, it happens oftentimes that one of you has to give up their dreams and desires to support the other in their journey. If so, balance out your wishes with that of your spouse. Be your person so that you can help your partner and fend through life together. If a sacrifice becomes paramount, talk to your spouse and establish a mutual understanding. If a sacrifice is to be made, both should have an equal part in it or none at all.

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