How to Decide on Ideal Wedding Present

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Have you been invited to Sikh wedding? Not sure what gift you should present? As a friend to the marrying couple, you are expected to give an ideal present that the couple will love. But how do you tell the kind of gift they will like? Here are great tips that will help you in deciding on an ideal wedding present.

Understand the Cultural Beliefs
Wedding traditions of Sikhs vary depending on family, religion, and faith. Different culture has its specialties regarding their wedding ceremonies. Therefore, while choosing the best wedding gift, it is advisable to understand the cultural beliefs of marrying couples and ensuring what you decide to buy aligns with those beliefs.

Know the Couple’s Likes and Dislikes
One of the ideal things that will lead you to choose the best gift for the couple is knowing what both the groom and the bride loves. Note that the best wedding present should be something that the couple will love or use in the marriage but not something that indulges the desire of one partner. For example, if the couple loves cooking, kitchenware could be perfect. If you have known the couple or you have been friends with both or one partner for a long time, it is easy to tell what they love to do as a couple.
If you are not familiar with the couple, you can do some stalking. It can be fun presenting a gift that neither partner thought you could. You may catch them surprised, and that only makes all the gifting more exciting! You can skim through their social media for clues of what they might need or like.

Ask Recommendations
If you are not familiar with the acceptable gifts for Sikh weddings, you can ask for a recommendation from the couple’s family member or friend. Asking will helps you avoid the unacceptable or a useless present. In addition to knowing acceptable gifts, asking for guidance will help you identify the commodity that the couple loves and may need. You can also ask the couple about the present they would like.

Try gifting everyday things
Simple gifts such as clothes, jewelry, home decor, and idols, among others, are always suitable as gifts in Sikh weddings. As a wedding gift should be something appealing and useful to both partners, a standard item can be an ideal present. Home decors and kitchen utensils are some of the popular gifts presented. Be sure to give an item that is acceptable by the Sikh traditions. If you are not from a Sikh community, it is advisable to seek advice from someone familiar with the community to avoid unacceptable gifts. Besides, you can purchase the gift locally as the local market will sell commonly used items in that respective location.

A wedding gift is a symbol of your love and well wishes to the marrying couple. However, ensuring that the newlyweds will love and appreciate your gift is the greatest thing you can do to your love ones. The couples can only genuinely adore your present if it is something that they will need. Using the discussed tips, you will have an ideal wedding present.
Moreover, your effort counts big time. If you honestly strive to find a gift, be it the right one or not, it will surely be liked by a couple irrespective of the gift you get them, for you have thought about the couple’s good sincerely.
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