How to choose a perfect wedding theme?

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The wedding day necessitates many preps. Amidst the thrill of numerous decisions to be made in a short time, picking up a wedding theme isn’t a child’s play! A wedding theme is like a fence, which then compels you to keep other decisions in its confines.

A wedding theme is not merely picking one of the trends or a décor style; your wedding theme could be a reflection of your personality and how affectionately you wish to welcome your guests. Most couples have to bear the confusion of being attracted to more themes at a time while deciding on a perfect one. But no worries, Sangat Matrimonial is here for your assistance. We have laid out a few factors to keep in mind while selecting your wedding theme:

• The Venue:
The venue is the most important thing to decide as the whole theme would be riding on this. Usually, the venue eats one big chunk of the budget so you wouldn’t want it to fail, yes? Think rationally. Close your eyes for a jiff and visualize your wedding day. What does it look like? What do your imaginations bring back to your mind? How do you see yourself walking down the aisle? These are certainly some questions that will help you in narrowing down your choices and choose the perfect wedding theme that is in line with every fantasy of yours.

If you select a big hall, the theme should be royal and glamorous. If you want to create a playful, cheery vibe, you should go for an alfresco venue – a garden, maybe. A setting that has some memories attached to you, some emotional affection perhaps, would be a great option, too. Keep an eye over the amenities and ambiance your venue has to offer. Your place should be spacious if you’re planning for a grand wedding, or if you really want to keep it tight, for close-relatives-only, it could be your backyard – small, quick and quirky.

• The Colors:
Now that you’ve decided the venue, move towards the colors. Colors define the right mood. Quirky, bright hues or rustic, solid white-washed, choose a type that underlines yours as a couple. Let go of the season boundaries, been-there-done-that restriction; you can pull the edges as much as you want. Be creative, mix-and-match that colorful splash, and create a unique theme. With a global color palette in your hand, you can play around with colors yet being innovative with the look.

You can take it one step ahead and can highlight your occupation or your hobbies into your theme. Moreover, if you’re a fan of the 90s, feel free to go for a 90s theme with a ball-party and everything.

• The Time:
Time determines which theme you will opt for. Deciding a particular season may not seem relevant, but it can work out if arrangements can be made. For instance, winters, autumns, spring, or summer; the one you’ll choose will define the venue as well. You cannot have a beach party in winter. Similarly, winters have their dark-toned dress codes, and the menu will have more soups than juices.

Failure of nuptial’s planning is the last thing any couple would want. So, the above mentioned are a few general factors that should be considered while opting for any of the themes.

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