Best pre-wedding photoshoot destinations in UK

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Pre-wedding excitement is something you cannot put into words. Pictures are an artistic way known to pour your heart out, to say a thousand words, and create eternal memories. Capture your valuable pre-wedding moments, express your love at the world’s most beautiful destinations, and take your pre-wedding planning to new heights. To add more enchantment to your wedding photoshoot album, here’s a list of the best destinations you must consider visiting:

1. Richmond Park, London
A location with the magnificent backdrop of Thames valley. Imagine being clicked walking like a princess or like a star with greenery all around you! Beyond perfection! Richmond Park can undoubtedly serve as one of the most unique locations for a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot.

2. Tower Bridge, London
A pre-wedding shoot here is a dream itself. The bridge is legendary, comes alive at night and acts as a wonderful panoramic backdrop for wedding photoshoots. It is a popular spot, particularly among the lovebirds who are looking to get married. It is an iconic monument indeed and would make you fall in love all over again.

3. Beaches in Brighton.
Brighton is a beautiful city and so are its beaches. It is spellbinding to be clicked on the pretty beaches in Brighton, especially early in the morning when there is little to no crowd at all! Be adventurous, pose distinctively and bring back a giant suitcase of memorable snaps with you.

4. Stanley Dock, Liverpool
This place is perfect for a fun, light-hearted photoshoot before your wedding, it adds a touch of the sea. The site is known for bringing a rusty essence with the boats as the background! Let your creative soul get the best of you, have fun!

5. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens
A sumptuous setup has been nurturing its beauty since the British era. Untouched by the commercialization and very close to nature, the place has surprises hidden at every corner. There are countless species of plants that render a natural spirit to the photoshoot. Your photos are bound to look super!

6. Aber Falls, Wales
Nature never fails to amuse. Aber Falls is one of the best locations in the UK that can add magic to your pre-wedding photos. The river runs wild tumbling down it itself offering a stunning and breath-taking view. This fall can be dream pre-wedding photoshoot if visited after torrential rainfall.

7. Stonehenge, Wiltshire
Last, but certainly not the least. Just the place to amplify your love! May your fairytale last long as this amazing prehistoric monument that adds a touch of antiquity to your pre-wedding photoshoot. The place can reward you with the memories for life, and if you have an excellent crew to execute a perfect shoot.

Aren’t you feeling intrigued to sign up for one of these places for your pre-wedding shoot? You should be. A wedding photoshoot should be one of its kind. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and when you look back at those photos, the memories will leave you in awe. They must be eye-catching, and for that, a perfect location and an ideal time become a compulsion.

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