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Sikh weddings are a heavenly affair! Amidst all the vibrant ingredients related to Sikh weddings, a lot of myths and superstitions also come into play. It has been rambling in the minds of people for long and still does.

So, here’s a light-hearted myth-busting list of facts that you might want to give a quick read before you tie that knot.

1. Darker the Mehendi, stronger the love:
Mehendi retains a privileged position in every quintessential bride’s preparation for the day. We have heard from our ancestors that if the color of Mehendi turns out to be very dark, it signals strong love is going to withhold this holy bond. And if Mehendi lasts for a more extended period, believe that you are lucky enough to receive love from your in-laws as well.

But, should your Mehendi turn out to be light, do not shatter away. The secret to strong love only lies in genuine commitment between two. The henna you applied might lack some essential chemicals and hence may result in a light color; there’s nothing more to it.

2. Cry now, laugh later.
Added ‘crying’ in your wedding goals checklist already? Tears at the bridal moment are considered as compensation for waves of laughter every bride wishes to have after her wedding.

This is a pure fallacy! The comeliest brides need not spoil their makeup just before leaving. Shed tears of valediction to your family and enter into your life, smiling because you are ready to laugh forever!

3. The Sputtering Candles!?
The first image that pops up in our mind is a visual from a scary, horror movie; some evil spirit making the candles sputter in the dark to mark its presence. Yes, that’s precisely how sputtering candles are treated on a wedding day, no matter how the air blows.

The only logical fabrication behind this myth might be the disasters that a lit candle can make. Since the décor of weddings includes different fabrics and clothes, excluding candles is a better catch.

4. Do not design your wedding dress.
If you’re somebody who loves to design outfits, the frustration that comes with this old wives’ superstition is real. The notion is that you are inviting misfortune if you design your wedding dress by yourself.

However, the fact is the contrast. Ditch the myth and be ready to be all dolled up on your wedding day in whatever dress you like, as the key to a successful marital relationship is good luck and passionate love, not your wedding dress.

With all these myths busted, go and adore Sikh weddings filled with all the colors and liveliness. Stick to the rituals you feel good about and that add to your positivity and happiness. Make the best out of your big day!

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